Peiping Marine

part Three

This is the complete roster of the Peking detachment as printed for their Thanksgiving 1940 dinner.

Information on Major Edwin Platt McCaulley below. Enlisted 26 Jan 1903, discharged early 1911, re-enlisted 8 Apr 1911. Served Haiti Sep 1915-May 1917. Appointed 2nd Lt Jun 1917, promoted Capt fall 1917. Served in France May 1918-Feb 1919 . Served in Peking 1930-33. Retired Jun 36 in the states. Returned to Peking to live, recalled to active duty with Embassy Guard Peking Oct 1940 while living in Peking. Got himself released while the group was at Tientsin, returned to live as a civilian in Peking. Interned at Weihsien Civilian Internment Camp March 1943. Repatriated to states on exchange ship Teia Maru in Sep 43.

Information is from USMC muster rolls and book Captives of Empire, The Japanese Internment of Allied Civilians in China 1941-1945, author Greg Leck

Information in the post war North China Marine bulletin puts his death on 29 Jun 1947. 

The photos above are from the scrapbook of Jake Schneider.


Son of Captain James Climie.  In October 1940 FDR ordered all dependents evacuated.  Leaving in mid-November 1940 on the SS Mariposa were:

Mrs A H Turnage, Mrs Lillie M Nickerson William N Best III, Miss Lilian Nickerson Best, Colonel W N Best, Mrs Herman R Anderson, Robert H anderson Mrs Edwin P McCauley, Mrs Paul Drake and Shirley Ann and Paul Drake Jr, Mrs James R Hester and Joan Hester, Mrs James F Climie with James Rudolph and Joanne Fraser Climie, Mrs Norman C Bates, Mrs August Olaguez, Mrs Norman H Jungers, Mrs Orville E Rehm, Mrs Oscar N Edmunds, Mrs Alfred E H Ruth with Shirley Ann, Alfred Ernest jr, Ruth Vivian, and Elsa Oswandel Ruth.

On the Chaumont were Mrs Hewitt D Adams, Mrs William A Lee, Mrs James P Drummond and Dale and Eloise Margaret Drummond, Mrs Paul McKenzie, Mrs Guy W Paulk, Mrs Spry O Claytor.

On a Japanese ship was Mrs Milton H Cooper. (Above names in the Dec 1940 issue of the Peiping Marine.)

Some children of Marines were still in China in December 1941.  Either the mothers were not yet US citizens or the marriage had taken place after November of 1940.  Alan Sydow was allowed by the Japanese to marry  Iris after his capture in Tientsin, before the unit was sent to Woosung.  Michael Somers and Randall Retzke were interned with their mothers in 1943.  Somers is mentioned on page 102 of From China Marine to Jap POW.

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